Winning post:

  • Through the use of specific tools we provide transparency, safty, flexibility and profitability to componaies, professionals and particulares.


  • We consolidate our position as leader of mobility solutions of our clients.

Valor for a safty service:

  • Transparency: Wa are open and above board to our clients. We believein share more information generates trust and long relationships.
  • Empathy: We listen to our clients and try everything to understand and to satisfy their needs. Allways we put ourselfes in their place and see things from there point of view.
  • Gratitude: Our clients are the most important, are our lifeblood. We are constantly grateful for there preference and for deposit there trust in us.
  • Excellence: We aspire to be the best in all we do.

Discretion and privacy


We place a complete service at your disposal personalised door-to-door conformable to your needs of discretion and image which you as client should demand to get a exclusiv trip. Entrust us your transfer and enjoy the comfort and the reliability of our vehicles equiped with the best technical innovations which obtains your trip comfortable and safe.

  • Use our services for Utilice nuestros servicios para any type of displacement.
  • We take care of any detail.
  • We provide total discretion and privacy with your displacements.

Quality, service and comitment

Quality, service and comitment

En In Minivan Service we take care of a maximum of quality and trust for our clients. Therefor we work with an service model based on excellence which allows us to get more effective each day.
The Model of excellence is based in the following premise: “the satisfaction of clients, employees and a positiv impact. You succeed this by leadership with a policy based on quality, correct human resources management, the efficient use of resources and the enviroments respectfull handling. ”.This is what finally brings excelent result and the clients satisfaction.
Year afer Year we work up a plan to improve four fundamental aspects:
  • how are we organized (stragaty, process, resources, aliances)
  • how are we related to the extirior (clients, providers, society)
  • how are we related to each other (leadership, team, work climate)
  • what do we achieve (products, results, profit)

This plan is represented in many ways focused on:
  • Leadership
  • Comunication/information
  • Personnal management
  • Provision of services
  • Corporate responsability
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